What does naturism or nudism mean?

Croatia naturism and nudism beach

Naturism or Nudism involves the habit of going nude in society for non-sexual purposes. It is not just a practice but involves effective contact of our body and mind with water, sun, trees and other natural elements as intended by mother nature. Nudists strongly agree that there is no need to be ashamed about nudity and we must cherish the beauty of it. Also, Nudists take part in various activities such as sports and sunbathing etc.

Nudist celebrations in Croatia

The Adriatic coast in Croatia is a very famous destination for naturists with friendly atmosphere for them and has more than thirty naturist beaches which are official and plenty of other nude beaches that are unofficial. As per estimates, it has been reported that more than 1 million nudists visit the Croatian beaches every year to take nude bath. Most people come from Italy, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Netherland, Austria and Germany. The first country to have naturist holidays was Croatia. As per Croatian legend, this trend commenced in Rab island during 1936, when king Edward VIII took a nude bath in Kandarola bay along with Wallis Simpson, his mistress. The nudist beaches have a sign stating "FKK" which indicates "Freikorperkultur" meaning Free body culture in German language. The unofficial naturist beaches are also called free beaches.

Nudist Tip: Never try to be first person to strip off your clothes. If you don't find any one else naked in those beaches, then it could probably be not be a nudist beach and they might arrest you for being indecent.

Naturism or Nudism refers to habit of men and women roaming without clothes in social groups particularly in cultures where it is not usual. It generally takes place in cloistered places in countries that ban public nudity, but is accepted in many regions of the world. People practicing nudism are known as naturists of nudists. There are certain people who consider that being without any clothes with others is usually sexual and consider naturism to be pornographic and morally wrong. But such views are rejected by naturists.

The typical activities include sports and sunbathing, but certain naturists like working without any clothes whenever climate is also suitable and social situation permits it (especially when a person is working alone). Naturism is different from naturalism which is study of nature and is totally separate topic.

Naturist Terminology

The naturist usually refers to individual that do not take part in nudity as textiles.

C.O or clothing optional indicates a site which permits nudity but tolerates wearing dresses, whereas nudist sites have mandatory nudity as entrant rules so that no person feels that they are dressed inappropriately.

Top free is a place where females are allowed to exposed their breasts and is also called topless (top free is used as topless has negative meaning).

Free beach is a place where people could be free without wearing clothes.

A landed organization is the place which owns the real estate that it is present in. The travel clubs are non-landed clubs usually meet at various locations like bowling alleys, swimming pools or nudist resorts which are rented temporarily for nudist parties and gatherings.

A smoothie refers to people who shave off their body hair.